About Us

In order to meet the increasing energy needs due to technological innovations, the research and development firms under the coordination of investment firms present a new project on energy supply and production day by day. In addition to the damages caused by fossil fuels to our world, the increase in production costs due to the decrease in resources led R&D companies to renewable energy sources. Our Pronen Energy company started to operate in 2015 for this need and started to operate in the photovoltaic energy sector with our expert and educated staff with our habit of producing detailed engineering and reliable solutions which are our capabilities by Automation. In addition to providing material and EPC services to its customers in both roof and floor installations, it also provides system efficiency monitoring.

During the installation of Pronen Solar Power Plants, PRONEN performs making necessary discoveries, preparing feasibility reports, submitting financial reports to the customer, setting necessary official information and documents, carving out necessary technical calculations, following up bureaucratic paperwork, adjusting efficiency analysis, supplying material, system setup, commissioning procedures, setting and presenting operational maintenance descriptions, making necessary reports after finishing project, following up all official documents during the realization of official approvals, etc. processes by using engineering infrastructure, analyzing cause-and-effect relationships and using industry experience at PRONEN Turnkey Project Content.


Head Office Address:Akçeşme Mah. Bozburun Cad. No:2 20020 Merkezefendi-DENİZLİ/TURKEY
Phone: 0258 372 11 33
Fax: 0258 372 11 34
GSM : 0541 372 11 33

Branch Office Address:Fatih Mah. Sadık Giz Cad.No:17/A 35910 Tire-İZMİR/TURKEY
GSM : 0541 372 11 33