Package systems are systems where all the components needed to produce your own electricity from solar energy. As Pronen Energy, there are 7 different package systems designed according to different needs. With these systems selected according to the needs, it is possible to produce the electricity you need wherever you want.


You can bring your solar power plant next to you with ProMobil200 which is produced by Pronen Energy. Promobil200 that is designed according to specific needs is a very functional product in terms of portability, also has capacity to provide a lot of electricity requirements.


PROPACK Energy provides environment-friendly energy you need wherever you need it with its portable feature. Contact us for detailed information of PROPACK Portable Solar Power Generation Systems.

Remote Monitoring System and Scada

While manual controls can be easier in small capacity systems, it is difficult to control in large capacity systems. Therefore, there is a need for an automatic remote monitoring system that will monitor the system regularly. With this system, the efficiency of the system is monitored and reported regularly. Moreover, criteria such as instant power, generation, radiation, module temperature, ambient temperature, cell status, gain, MV voltages and frequencies, power and current values, energy quality recorder data, three-phase voltages, frequency, current values that standard monitoring system cannot make with this method It can be monitored. All these values can be transmitted to mail or mobile phone. With this system, in case of any failure, feedback can be intervened in a short time and thus the loss of time and money is minimized.


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